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pool soccer ball for sale 

Pool soccer ball sets include 16 balls actually footballs size 4 replicated to the pool ball game balls. Sale price for pool soccer ball set will vary with quantity you want to order. ( 1 set consist of 16 soccer balls. ) So price will depend you want to order 1 set, 2 sets , 5 or 10 or 20. As shipping charges also vary with quantity and destination so it is requested that when you email us for price of pool soccer ball set, plz. mention your country as well. This is way we will be able to give you our best price and shipping for your pool soccer ball set.

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pool soccer balls

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pool socceball nine ball set is also available.
pool soccer ball sale


9 ball pool soccer
Are you interested in getting the price on the Pool Soccer ball Sets and planning stages of setting up a Pool Ball club. Or have a huge number of persons that play soccer in your area and you think it would serve as a nice recreation spot for the community. You might have a question and you would like to know info on the size and dimensions of the table needed and how it correlates to ball size. 
If you want any info on setting up play areas for this game pool soccer Table  Please email and we will get back to you with information. 
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