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We all get imaginative about with the idea of a lavish house. That include indoor soccer field in the backyard and a giant snooker table in game room. Acknowledging the fact that most of us will never have that opprtunity, so why not try to grab best of both worlds. Yes that's now possible with snookball. Snookball an idea that has come to its age, combining the soccer with pool we got snookball , you can also call it pool soccer ball if you like. But this game will be very addictive with the mixture of snooker pool and soccer. How extravagant will it be to won a game with creative trick shot using soccerball but empolying the tricks of snooker and poolball. This would make a great addition to your families summer time outdoor activities. We specialized in pool soccer ball products customized as required by clients. It is very easy  with us to get the balls customized with your own brand name or logo if required. We also sell without logo for retail poolsoccerball customers.

Billiard Soccer Balls

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pool socceball nine ball set is also available.
9 ball pool soccer
Are you interested in getting the price on the Pool Soccer ball Sets and planning stages of setting up a Pool Ball club. Or have a huge number of persons that play soccer in your area and you think it would serve as a nice recreation spot for the community. You might have a question and you would like to know info on the size and dimensions of the table needed and how it correlates to ball size. 
If you want any info on setting up play areas for this game pool soccer Table  Please email and we will get back to you with information. 
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